Pet Daycare

  • Gentle Pet Care Services will look after all pets ensuring their comfort and safety. Pets will be cared for, and exercised throughout the day.
  • As well, Brenda is able to administer medication your pet may require, including injections.

Pet Boarding

  • Gentle Pet Care Services welcomes any type of animal — large or small — including cats, dogs, birds, gerbils or fish. Almost any pet, other than reptiles.
  • Gentle Pet Care Services will provide a stress-free environment where all pets can feel right at home. Your furry friend will participate in exercise and playtime.
  • Special kennels will be offered for smaller dogs, as well as dogs that may require their separate area. Music keeps your pet company during the day and at night.

Price List

Dog daycare

A tail-wagging good time

$15.93 per day

Dog boarding

Your pet will feel right at home

$23.90 per day, $31.86 for 2 dogs sharing a kennel (food is to be provided by the pet owner).

HST is additional on all charges.


We require your dog to have their vaccinations updated. Distemper, parvo, bordetella (kennel cough)and rabies, will be the minimum accepted.

Under Veterinarian suggestion, kennel cough will be required to be updated every 9 months .

The bordetella vaccine needs to be given 72 hours prior to boarding.

Proof of vaccinations to be shown at time of boarding.

Gentle Pet Care is a great opportunity to teach your dog important skills for making new canine friends. Call Brenda now at 613-923-5875 for more information.